3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Mala

Make your own mala
1.  Only You can create the change that you want in your life.  You know your most heartfelt desires, intentions, and goals.  When you make your own mala you are setting your intentions with each knot you tie, each bead you string.  You are manifesting your intentions into a physical creation that will be a constant reminder for you of your desired actions, emotions, and life path.  
2.  Who knows the energy or conditions under which a pre-made mala was made?  Sure it's tempting to opt for that pretty mala on's only $40 and you can even get free shipping with your Prime membership!  But wait!  Do you know anything about where it is being made?  Anything about who is making it?  More than likely it is being mass produced in an facility...a place that is not good for the workers... and a place where your intentions are certainly not being considered at all!  Your mala is a sacred, personal tool and you should consider investing time and effort into your mala just as you would your intentions and goals.  
3.  "It's Shake and Bake, and I helped!"  LOL!  Do you remember this old and iconic commercial for seasoned bread crumbs?!  Just like how a homemade recipe tastes better because you made it...your mala will feel better handmade (homemade) by you!  Each time you caress your fingers over your hand-tied knots and all of the 108 beads... or each time you admire your mala as you wear it proudly, you will be reminded of the time and love you gave to yourself, your future, and your greatest intentions.  

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