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Our First Mala Workshop!

mala workshop

Our first mala workshop was a hit!  With 12 attendees signed up we had a room full of lovely excited mala-makers!  Our mala party was hosted by the wonderful and gracious host, Tresa Hernandez, who hosts a meditation group every Tuesday in her cozy home.  We set up shop in her workshop/basement studio.  

Along with the beautiful unique malas everyone made we were also able to donate proceeds to the Humane Society.  We raised $200 for little animals in need!  It feels good to create and contribute at the same time :)

Here are a few snapshots from the event!

 mala beads

Here we are discussing what a mala is and how to choose the right gemstones.  

mala beads

Each guest received a consultation and assistance in selecting their mala beads.

mala workshop

Malas & Wine - the perfect pairing!

mala workshopmala workshop

Finished Malas!  


Our Mala making workshop was a fun night of creating, manifesting, and learning! 

Lastly, here are some of the little life lessons from Mala Making :)

Making a mala has SOOO many parallels to our life paths and I want to share a few with you here! 
- The first knots (or steps) in a new direction are the hardest!  But before long, you get in your groove… and you own it!  
- Intention and dedication are what get you past your challenges
- Learning to un-tie a knot is just as important :) One night I was making a mala and I realized that I had messed up my pattern and I had to backtrack 20 beads to fix it.  That was 20 knots I had to undo!  YIKES!  I buckled down and got to task (with the help of tweezers).  The practice of making a mala in quiet space is a meditation in itself.  In the quiet as I was toiling away on my knot-untying, I received this message showing me the similarity in life…. We get so focused on our path and learning skills to move forward, that we neglect to learn the skills to fix our mistakes!  This gave me pause to reflect and consider my relationships and endeavors.  Part 2 of this lesson is…. If you are halfway through a mala and you need to backtrack too many beads… you are best off cutting the cord and starting over!  Just like in life.  Let go of what no longer serves you, do not look back, cut the cord and move on!
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