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How to Make a Mala in 4 Easy Steps! With Video!

Malas are everywhere! Whether you are a devout yogi or not, you have seen these beaded beauties dangling in yoga studios and trendy boutiques. Malas come in a variety of materials and often can be custom made to suit your specific desires…but have you ever considered making your own special mala? The practice of making your own Mala necklace is a form of meditation in itself and it creates a beautiful and powerful connection to your most heartfelt desires and intentions.

In this article learn how to make a Mala in 4 easy steps. If you need supplies just follow the links below to find your favorite mala kit!

Click HERE to watch the videos!


  • 15’ nylon or silk cord (nylon is more durable and resists breakage!)
  • 1 Needle
  • 108 beads of your choice (you may choose certain gemstones based on your intentions)
  • 1 Guru Bead (any bead will do, just ensure it has 2mm or larger hole)
  • Thread for Tassel Making


Thread your Needle with cord, double over the cord, and tie your first overhand knot with both ends at 7” from the end.

String 1 bead and tie an overhand knot behind it. You may want to use small pliers or t tweezers to help you get the knot nice and tight to the bead. Repeat for a total of 108 beads.

Bring the ends of your strand of knotted beads together and tie an overhand knot. Thread your Guru Bead onto all 4 cords and tie an overhand knot.

This is the most important part to making a traditional mala, but it can get tricky!

You will definitely want to watch this video demonstration for this part!
Click HERE to watch the videos!

Wrap your tassel thread around your hand until it is the thickness you desire. Cut the bottom of all the thread. Remove the thread carefully and set it down. Wrap the 4 cords around the middle of your tassel thread and make 1 overhand knot. Fold over the tassel threads and wrap with 1 long piece (about 2’) of your tassel thread. Trim your tassel.

Voila! You have made your own custom mala! Nice Job!

Now that you've made your own custom Mala Beads, maybe you'd like to learn more about how to use a mala? Awesome, here's a great article from Yoga Journal.


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