Untie Your Mind. Knot Your Intention.

Connect and manifest your intentions through the practice of making your own mala beads.  MeraKalpa Mala Kits come with everything you need to create a meaningful gemstone mala necklace.


Our NEW collection of DIY Mala Bracelet Kits...with a hidden message! 

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I absolutely loved putting this mala together with the help of Amanda’s easy to follow videos! My mom ordered it for me and I’m planning to carry it around my bouquet on my wedding day. It arrived quickly and smelled like lavender which I loved!😊 I would highly recommend her kits and plan on ordering more in the future!!

Jamie G.

Absolutely loved my Mala Kit. Amanda helped me choose beads. Her tutorial video was spot on and left no question about how to make the Mala! I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making it and I am enjoying using them even more! Thank you Amanda!

Alisa L.

I'm not a crafty person so I was nervous about making this and it looking nice. Amanda's tutorials were so helpful and I am so impressed with how my mala turned out.  It looks like a professional made it!

Emily H.

Great tutorial. Highly recommend watching it all once before starting. Very relaxing to make. Will make another one for sure. Seller is easy to communicate with.

Amy B.
Amanda Jaten


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