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6 Activities to Help You Find Grounding & Connection This Fall

2020 Got you stressed? Here's a few ways to have fun this fall

With today being the Fall Equinox it feels appropriate to address the new season of change we all find ourselves in. 2020 has thrown us too many curveballs to count, so it's now becoming more important than ever to slow down and find our footing - so we can speak our voice about what matters most. In the midst of Zoom weddings and social distancing, let's not forget to (safely) find connection with ourselves and others.

Fun is still allowed, and laughter is healing. I encourage us all to use this coming Fall season as an opportunity to get back to what we love about seasons of change. A chance to get out and see what’s changed in nature, to enjoy what each season brings in food or fun, to seize a new opportunity... and each season brings out its own creative projects, intentions, and inspirations! This Fall, Merakalpa is releasing a new Mala kit which inspires us to be our joyful, empowered, radiant selves while sealing our own intentions into a brand new Mala! Here are some Fall activities and crafts that we also plan to do to celebrate all the abundance still to be found this autumn. Join us!

"Autumn shows me how beautiful it is to let things go"

  1. Enjoy the Fall Leaves - Leaf Peeping!

Merakalpa is lucky to be based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and we get to witness our beloved Aspen trees turn to gold every year, from the foothills all the way up to the alpine lakes! Our fall season is always one of taking drives through the mountains to see the leaves change, and brings its own gold rush of guests from far and wide to join us on the passes. We call it “leaf peeping”, and you should, too!

Even if you don’t live by a mountain pass, just try and get out, maybe to a neighboring town! Neighborhood walks in the fall seem to provide crisper air and bluer skies, something we could all use in the era of face masks - not to mention all the joy of crunching leaves as you walk. Check out a foliage map of your area to find your golden opportunity - peak times for leaf peeping and take a well-needed break to connect with nature.

  1. Press or Preserve Leaves

While you’re out enjoying the fall leaves, grab a few, or a bunch, to press or preserve for an easy DIY! It's easy to learn how to press leaves in a book, dip them in wax or glycerin, or simply iron them in between wax paper, depending on what type of project you have in mind. Slow down to be grounded in the gifts of today, and capture this moment in time with a display of colors found in the fall leaves to make a fall craft, maybe a DIY shadow box or even a wreath or garland!

  1. Smudge Your Space

Refresh your space and aura with a smudging ritual - what better reason than to welcome in a new season? To go traditional, first open a door or window, then burn sage or palo santo in an abalone shell, and use a feather to spread the smoke around the room, paying special attention to doorways, corners, and by mirrors or closets. The open window will allow for all the pent-up negative energy to find its way out and away. Now introduce fresh expressions and intentions, perhaps repeating a mantra while smudging your space. Here’s a fall mantra we are loving for this season …

“Autumn shows me how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Bring in a fresh new energy and let go of what no longer serves you! You have all you need… as long as you have some sage or palo santo! ;) We found some wonderful ethically sourced sage bundles and palo santo from Mountain Rose Herbs, based out of Eugene, OR.

  1. Grab a Pumpkin

Ah, the pumpkin. Whether it's for carving a jack o'lantern or for making a delicious pie (or curry!), we can all celebrate the harvest and have a little fun with a pumpkin. Find a nearby pumpkin patch to pick your own pie pumpkin or grab the biggest one you can find! Enjoy the chance to connect with your community and the people who grow your food in a hands-on way. Find a project that speaks to you, and just be sure to save the seeds for roasting with herbs, or cinnamon and sugar!

  1. Mulled Wine/Hot Drinks

As the nights become longer and the temperature begins to drop, let us welcome in a season of coziness with a hot drink or two! Personally, I love mulled wine and cider… all you need is a decent bottle of wine or a jug of apple cider, some essential spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, cardamom, orange peel, etc. - and your home will soon be filled with the aromas of autumn! Warm drinks are a great excuse to have a few close friends over to catch up and connect, so pick your favorite mug and enjoy drinks on the patio for a warm delight that welcomes the season in with every sip.

  1. Empowerment Mala

As mentioned above, we have a brand new mala kit for this brand new season! The Empowerment Mala features stones and crystals that will bring out the confidence and radiance inside of you. Mala kits are a great craft for a season of change as it gives the maker an opportunity to seal new intentions and inspirations into each bead and each knot on their very own mala. Set up a meditative space to create on your own, or host a mala making party with a few like-minded friends - even if its over video chat.

The Limited Edition Empowerment Mala will help you shine from within. Here’s some information about the stones and crystals we chose for this new kit.

  • Citrine, known for bringing out courage and power, allows your brilliant self to come out.
  • Pyrite has a golden hue that will help you to seize golden opportunities that come your way, and is known to bring prosperity.
  • Smoky Quartz brings grounding and protection, and aids in letting go of what you no longer need.
  • Crazy Lace Agate will have you laughing and dancing through the fall leaves in celebration and joy!

Our Fall Mantra comes back to mind, and would be a wonderful mantra to repeat while making and using this mala for meditation. Step out in confidence with our brand new Empowerment Mala, a Limited Edition piece that is just as beautiful as the changing fall leaves.

Embrace the changing season with the Empowerment Mala

Sold out

I hope there’s something on this list which speaks to you and helps you find a source of connection and grounding in a world that feels anything but.  Slow down and take some time this fall to reconnect with what matters to you most, and those you’d like to share it with!

So, what will you be doing this fall to find grounding and connection? Let us know if there’s a favorite from our list, or share some favorite ideas for crafts and activities which you love! Tell us, what does celebrating fall look like for you?

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