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5 Crystals for Setting Intentions

Working With Crystals to Set Intentions

Living a joyful and successful life depends on the constant practice of setting intentions. Whether you are setting an intention for the year, the day, or even the next hour, the practice is a way to be deeply present in the moment while also working to achieve. People who live with intention are able to cultivate joy and presence in their life while also achieving their highest potential.

The only thing you really need to set intentions is your own mind and attention, but there are a lot of tools out there that can enhance your intention-setting practice. We offer a diverse selection of mindful jewelry, malas, and mala kits that can help you set and remember your intentions. We find that an intention-setting tool is the most powerful when it is made from beautiful, ethically sourced crystals and gemstones.

There are a variety of intentions you may want to set for yourself, so we put together a list of some of the best crystals to use for intention setting, and which ones work best for specific intentions.

People who live with intention are able to cultivate joy and presence in their life

while also achieving their highest potential.

If your Intention is connected to Career or Business Success...

Citrine: If your intention is connected to career or business success, citrine is a great crystal to work with. Citrine stimulates the solar-plexus, promoting presence and joy, and soothing any stress around finances. The solar plexus is the chakra of personal power, so working with citrine to balance it can increase your autonomy, self-esteem, and confidence. A strong solar plexus will help you make those bold moves or show up with the confidence you need to manifest financial and career success. Wearing citrine daily is a great way to manifest your goals.

If your Intention is to Be Your Best Self and Overcome Challenges...

Labradorite: If your intention is to show up as your best self or to rise above challenges, then Labradorite is a great crystal for you. The mantra for Labradorite is, "let your light shine and don't let anyone steal your sunshine". When we think about stones for protection, we often think about onyx and other dark stones. These stones often protect your energy by putting up a boundary. By building walls, we invite things to tear them down. If we shift our perspective to focus on our inner light and being the brightest light we can be, we leave no room for negativity. Labradorite is the crystal to work with to form that positive forcefield. Yogi Bhajan, the founder of Kundalini Yoga talks about strengthening your radiance in order to be the light, in this article.

Wearing a labradorite mala serves as a beautiful reminder to let your light shine!

If your Intention is to practice Self-Care and to Invite Loving Energy...

Rose quartz: If you are feeling drained, and you need a period of self-love and self-care, then rose quartz is the perfect crystal to work with for your intention. Rose quartz also works well if you are intending to connect more deeply with your family. It is also a warm, nurturing stone, so it fits nicely if you are a parent and have intentions you want to set around nurturing your children. Rose quartz works with the heart chakra, which is connected to love, connection, and relationships. The relationships we form with other people can be the most meaningful parts of a human life, so a strong balanced heart chakra is essential to a happy and healthy life. Making your own Rose Quartz Mala Beads is a meaningful way to manifest more self love.

If your Intention is to Relieve Stress or Anxiety...

Howlite: If you are feeling anxious or stressed out and you are looking to create more peace in your life, then howlite is the crystal for you. Howlite is also a great crystal to facilitate emotional healing. For people who are feeling anxious or stressed out, it may help to set intentions before going to bed every night, using the power of your intention to manifest a restful night of sleep. You can place howlite next to you while you are sleeping or under your pillow. Making a Howlite Mala Necklace is a soothing and relaxing activity and at the end you'll have this peaceful mala to remind you of your intentions.

If your Intention is to Welcome New Beginnings...

Green Aventurine: Sometimes you may not be totally clear what you want to call in next, and that's completely fine. Living with intention doesn't mean always knowing what you want to do next. Sometimes, it can mean allowing yourself to be open to whatever wants to come into your life. This is when working with green aventurine will serve you most. Green aventurine is the stone of luck and new opportunities. You can charge green aventurine with a gratitude practice, and then wear it throughout the day to assist you in staying open to new and exciting things. You can also work with it to attract specific things that will bring joy into your life. You can make your own Joy & Abundance Mala or have one made for you to help you to keep an open heart and attract new energy.


Crystals and gemstones can be beautiful tools to remind you of your intentions. Making your own mala beads with a crystal that supports your intention gives you an experience where you can connect to your intention with each bead you string, each knot you tie. The time you spend creating your mala is so powerful and the result is a beautiful strand of beads that will always bring you back to your intention whether you wear it, meditate with it, or simply keep it nearby.

You may have heard of "cleansing" your crystals or mala beads. Crystals hold energy, so it may be hanging on to the energy of the last person who touched it at a shop or the person who shipped it, or any number of things. At MeraKalpa, all of our malas, jewelry, and mala kits are lovingly assembled with this awareness, but it's generally a good practice to cleanse any spiritual tools before working with them. A few hours of bright sunlight can wash your crystals clean. You can also simply cleanse it by meditating with it, holding the intention to remove any energy that doesn't belong.

You may also be aware of "charging" your crystals or mala beads. This is a traditional practice that serves a purpose. "Charging" or "programming" is basically a way for you to establish what this crystal or mala means to you and what you want it to help you achieve. For example, if your intention is to start your own business or change careers, you might choose a citrine gemstone necklace to wear as a daily reminder. When you receive this citrine, you can hold it and focus on the success and abundance you want to invite into your life. When you wear it, you can remind yourself of that intention and take actions throughout the day to work towards your goal.

If you are charging a mala, you can choose a mantra connected to your intention, or if you are putting together a mala kit, you can think/talk about your intention as you are creating it.

You can cleanse and charge your crystals as many times as you want, with as many different intentions as you want. Intentions can be set for any span of time from years to minutes. Many people choose to work with the lunar cycle in their intention setting practice, setting an intention every new moon and reflecting on the full moon. With practice, you will find the perfect way to structure your practice that best serves you.


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