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Mala Builder

Dream. Create. Manifest.

A Mala Necklace is so much more than just a pretty necklace... Mala Beads are beautiful tools which help you connect to your intentions, transform your energy, and manifest your desires.


Watch the DEMO to learn how to use the new Custom Mala Builder!

Gemstone Beads

Your mala will have gemstone beads sized 6-7mm. The perfect size to wear as a necklace or wrap bracelet.


Tassel or Pendant

Make your mala exactly as you want it. Choose from options making your mala with a tassel, or using a pendant.


Made By You

Make your own mala or have your mala custom made for you with love + intention by yogis in Colorado.


How it all began...

We all know the feeling of finding something that feels like it was made just for you… When you find it, it pulls you in like a magnet, makes your eyes light up, and upon first touch there is a deep recognition that just feels right, somehow, like coming home to a warm meal.


When Amanda, Merakalpa’s founder and owner, told me about her idea for a way to bring her customers in on the experience and process of designing a mala, I knew her vision for Merakalpa was focused on each individual person and their unique traits. Seeking to create mala kits as diverse as our customers, we created a completely interactive custom mala-making experience, so we can invite everyone to express themselves freely with a mala necklace that was made just for them. Are your eyes lighting up yet?!


Our brand new Custom Mala Builder makes it easy to choose your own bead patterns for your unique, custom mala! Quickly swap between bead options, plus all the makings of a mala, and you’ll be able to see the results in the moment. Find freedom and joy in creating a piece that lines up with your highest intentions. Merakalpa has always provided quality mala kits to share the magic of the ancient art of mala-making, and we are proud to launch the Custom Mala Builder - to take “Make Your Own Mala” to the next level!

The Merakalpa Zen Mala


A zen mala is a 108 bead mala necklace pattern consisting of a main bead color, and contrasting “marker” beads to anchor you back to your intention during meditation.


The Merakalpa Zen Mala design includes a main bead color, marker beads, as well as a row of 5 contrast beads.


The main bead color asks you to reflect, turn inward and ask, what is my main, or highest intention?


Marker beads lead you back to your highest intention… what reminders or mental cues do I need to practice?


Contrast beads add variety to your design while asking, what intentions or ambitions will support my main intention?


There are limitless options and possibilities for you to find and express your truth as you design your own custom mala. Look inward to discover for yourself how each element of the necklace offers a unique energy to support your intentions. With options to add charms and a Gemstone Guru Bead, choose tassel color, or to finish your mala with a pendant instead, we’ve made it simple for you to have the mala you truly want (and deserve!).


We are so eager to see where the Custom Mala Builder takes you, and we can’t wait to send you your custom kit!


xo, Amanda + Meghan

MeraKalpa Malas

Ready to Make Your Custom Mala?

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