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Patchouli+Spice Herbal Mist

Earthy and Warm! The spicy and musky scent of patchouli with additions of cedarwood, clove, and cinnamon give this spray a wonderful woodsy, spicy aroma.

May be used as a body mist, room freshener, linen spray, or yoga or meditation spray!

Patchouli works as a natural deodorant and is very calming with its musky, spicy, and sweet scent

-Cedarwood provides a calming, woodsy scent that promotes focus
-Clove has a spicy and warm aroma
-Cinnamon has a warm and stimulating aroma

Ingredients: Organic Essential Oils, Distilled Water, Witch Hazel

4oz glass amber bottle. Please reuse or recycle after use!


Body Mist- hold bottle at least 6 inches away and spritz avoiding eyes and sensitive areas.

Room Freshener- spritz generously into the air.

Linen Spray- hold bottle at least 6 inches away and spritz.

Yoga or Meditation Spray- spritz your yoga mat or room before you begin your practice.

Relax and Enjoy!

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