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SALE Earth Element Necklace

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The four elements of the natural world are Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. 
Each element is essential to life and are present all around and within you.  

By wearing an Elements Necklace you welcome in more of that energy and bring balance to your life.  Just as these elements balance each other in nature, elements of your own life and personality can be balanced as well.

The EARTH Elemental Necklace:

Earth Energy is symbolic of stability, grounding, wisdom, growth, and strength.

Black Tourmaline brings purification, clears negative energy, absorbs EMF radiation from electronics like cell phones and computers.

The Details:
  • gold-plated over stainless steel = durable + long lasting beauty
  • hypoallergenic = won't bother your skin!
  • natural black tourmaline = good vibes
  • adjustible chain 20-22" = the perfect fit
  • gift box included = surprise someone special...or treat yourself!