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Namaste Yoga Mat Spray

Calming and Cleansing! Namaste Yoga Mat Spray provides a natural way to clean your yoga mat(and other household items) without harmful chemicals. The aroma of the essential oil blend will uplift your spirit and prepare you for a great experience on or off your mat!

Lavender contains relaxing properties and can ease feelings of tension. Provides a calming, floral, and sweet aroma.

Sweet Orange is uplifting and can decrease stress. Acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Provides a citrusy and tart aroma.

Eucalyptus boosts mental clarity and focus. Serves as a cleaning aid with its anti-microbial properties. Provides a cool and crisp aroma.

Tea Tree acts as a natural deodorant, disinfectant, and inhibits mold growth making it a wonderful addition for a cleaning spray. Provides a fresh, woody, and earthy aroma.

Witch Hazel is a medicinal plant that has natural cleansing properties and is often used in natural household cleansers, along with many other medicinal uses.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Organic Essential Oils

Directions: Shake before use. Spray mat and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow to dry before rolling up mat. Namaste. 

The yoga mat spray bottle can be reused or recycled once empty.

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