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Gift Good Intentions

Gift Good Intentions

Give the Experience of Mala Making this Holiday Season

Experiences Make Truly Meaningful Holiday Gifts

There are a lot of emotions that come up around the holiday season. Hopefully there is that warm-fuzzy feeling of being close to family and enjoying the festive atmosphere, but usually there is also a great deal of stress.

One of the biggest holiday stressors is buying gifts for friends and family. There is a thrill to giving and receiving, but there is a lot of pressure to choose the perfect gift for your loved one. And turns out that gift giving can be stressful for the giver and the receiver, because well-intentioned gifts can easily turn into added clutter.

 It’s no secret that we have way too much stuff nowadays. A study in the LA Times says that there are over 300,000 items in the average American home, and the average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size in the past 50 years. We consume twice as many material goods as we did 50 years ago, but we are less happy.

Material possessions do not equal happiness.

Experiences make us much more intrinsically happy.

The reason for this is that we adapt to material things over time. When we get a new computer or car, there is a period of excitement and novelty, but eventually we get used to having the new item. When we are able to make new memories, we cherish those memories for a long time.

So why don’t we give each other gifts that we know will bring true joy?

There are so many possible experiences that can be given as gifts. But nothing can bond families and friends quite like crafting something together! 

People dismiss crafts as being just something we do in our leisure time, but learning something new or sharing something you love with the people you love is the ultimate bonding activity. Gifting your friends and family with a craft that you can all do together for the holidays means you are giving them the memory of the time spent together, the satisfaction of having made something with your own hands, and a precious tangible reminder of the memory.


Gifting a Mala-Making Experience to Your Loved Ones

Mala making is the perfect activity for the holiday season, especially because of how close it is to the new year. Malas are meant to connect you to your deepest intentions, so you and your loved ones can set your new year’s intentions together and support each other in keeping it through the new year.

Imagine sitting in a circle with your friends and family members, creating beautiful malas, eating delicious snacks, and talking about your intentions for the year ahead. And everyone can leave the experience with a beautiful, tangible reminder of the time you shared together and the intention they set.

What You Need

  • A group of people you love
  • Your New Year’s intentions
  • A mala kit for each person

How it Works

First, it’s important that everyone understands the significance of a mala. All the information you need to know can be found in thisblog post. Make sure everyone knows what they are creating and how they are going to use it.

Next, you watch the video tutorial that comes with the mala kit, and you start putting together your mala! You can watch the videos together with your friends and family when you are all sitting down to make your malas.

It’s really that simple. So whether it’s for the holiday season, or if you have a loved one with a birthday coming up, mala making is a beautiful, mindful, and special opportunity to gift the people you love with a memory they will cherish for years to come!

Gift an Experience,
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