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Citrine Meaning and Uses

JUN 23, 2021 by Meghan McCreary


the merchant's stone

Need a dose of sunshine? Citrine is a translucent sunny golden stone which reminds you to find joy and positivity in any situation.

The Story of Citrine

Known as The Merchant’s Stone or The Success Stone, Citrine is a powerful stone which attracts golden opportunities and success into your life! Coveted by go-getters, entrepreneurs, and those who follow their ambitions, citrine is a powerful tool for manifesting success, abundance, and wealth in all its forms.

At Merakalpa, we like to call Citrine the “Get Sh*t Done” stone, due to its ability to activate your willpower!

Citrine’s Slow Rise to Fame

Did you know: the name “Citrine” has been used to refer to yellow stones since 1385 - and not just the citrine quartz we all know and love, but also topaz and all other yellow gemstones? Citrine shares a “history of mistaken identity” with topaz due to their similarity in color.

These two stones are completely different substances but before the distinction was made clear, some would refer to Citrine as “Gold topaz” or “Spanish topaz”, which further led to confusion between the two. Citrine is highly sought after now, but it took some time before this stone made a name for itself. Citrine gained a boost of popularity in the 18th-century, when some jewelers began the practice of heat-treating amethyst to appear yellow like Citrine - but at a much more affordable rate. At Merakalpa we are proud to offer authentic, untreated Citrine, in its natural state!

Citrine is a silicon dioxide mineral in the quartz family which grows in a hexagonal crystal pattern. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a fairly durable stone. The name for Citrine comes from the frenchcitron, or lemon, inspired from Citrine’s yellow-gold hues. Citrine’s yellow pigmentation is due to iron living in the stone.

How to Use Sunny Citrine

Citrine’s translucent sunny golden glow reminds you to find joy and positivity in any situation. Citrine will bring out your playful side and remind you that you don’t always have to take yourself so seriously, it's okay to let go and to have a little fun now and then. Inviting positivity and play into your life can give your brain the break it needs to process - so new ideas can come shining through!

Citrine prompts you to bask in the sunny rays of positivity, as citrine’s golden glow washes away all negativity and feelings of inferiority. With the mental clarity Citrine gives, you will be able to identify the places that you’ve been limiting yourself and replace those ideas with more positive beliefs about yourself. Golden Citrine also reminds you of your divine nature and unites you with feelings of love, joy, and peace.

Citrine activates the three lower chakras, (root, sacral, and solar plexus), but is well known as a premier sacral chakra stone, as it activates your creative intellect and ability to manifest. Become open to the power of your imagination, as you begin to dream about possibilities andwhat can be…Citrine will stir up the forces of pure potential, and as you carry or wear this stone, you will find the ability to act on your desires to make them into your current reality. Citrine will bring a sunny glow to your spirit, clearing out any old beliefs that have been getting in the way. Citrine’s bright and joyful vibes make it an ideal stone for calling in any intentions and manifestations of happiness, playfulness, abundance, wealth, and confidence.


happy woman

If you are looking to attract wealth and abundance into your life, let Citrine be your new best friend. Citrine is a high-vibe stone which helps you to clear any blockages so that all the things you are manifesting can flow into your life in abundance!

This gives you a greater sense of self-worth as you begin to realize that you, too, deserve to thrive in this life. Soon, you’ll feel more and more comfortable receiving wealth and abundance, as your courage and acceptance continue to grow. From this place of knowing yourself and your worth, you will start to see big gains in your financial life and career!

Carry Citrine and Green Aventurine in your wallet or wherever you stash your cash, and feel the abundant energy flowing your way - these two abundance stones will magnify each other and up the ante!

At Merakalpa, we like to call Citrine the “Get Sh*t Done” stone, due to its ability to activate your willpower! Acting as the ultimate stone for procrastinators, Citrine will connect your desires to your will to get you off that booty and on track toward your greater goals and visions, whether that's starting a great business, or just cleaning out that closet you may have been avoiding (you know the one).

If you’re needing a kick in the pants, let Citrine’s sunny vibes energize you toward greater action.

Final Thoughts on Citrine

We love Citrine because of its connection to the sun and all things bright and happy. Citrine helps us to connect to our inner sunshine as we ride the waves of positivity and peace.

Because of Citrine’s power to dispel negative self-talk and inferiority complexes, it is a wonderful stone for attracting and pursuing your greatest, most joy-inducing desires.From money and success, to simple joy just for the sake of it, Citrine opens the door to possibility and can reveal the path in making your dreams a reality!

Let your spirit ride on the high-vibe energy of Citrine, and begin to seize golden opportunities and see all the abundance that is around you, as joy becomes a way of life!

We invite you to use the following mantra when using Citrine in meditation and in daily life:

I am strong and powerful. I thrive and am abundant in every situation. I am most successful when I show up as my authentic self. Success is my destiny, and I joyfully step onto the path which lies before me.

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