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Rainforest jasper mala beads to help connect with nature and focus your intentions - MeraKalpa Malas

Rainforest Jasper Mala Beads

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Earthy 8mm round polished rainforest jasper beads for a grounding mala necklace.

  • Feel a stronger connection to nature, plants, and animals with green aventurine beads.
  • Rainforest jasper beads feature earthy colors of greens, browns, and deep shades of yellow.
  • Find an inner joy and cheerfulness with a rainforest jasper mala necklace.

For beautiful, high-quality mala beads, MeraKalpa Malas has a wide selection that will support your intentions. Find and strengthen your connection to the earth through your meditation or yoga practice. Rainforest jasper beads can help calm the emotions and strengthen the physical body.

  • Sold per strand
  • 1 strand = 46 beads
  • To make a 108 mala you will need to order 3 strands