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Let That Sh*t Go Mala Bracelet Kit *Limited Edition*

Pardon our French, but sometimes we’ve just gotta tell it like it is. If you’re working through a relationship ending, a tough life transition, or just want to release all the heaviness from 2020, then this mala kit is for you.

Steeped in powerfully grounding + protective energy, the Let That Sh*t Go Half Mala Bracelet will help you to let go of what no longer serves you, and ushers in a radiant feeling of positivity + abundance. We could all use a dose of positivity, don’t you think?

Your Mala Kit Includes:
  • 24 (+extra) 6mm Natural Black Tourmaline Beads
  • 30 (+extra) 6mm Natural Smoky Quartz Beads
  • Gold Plated Natural Sunstone Pendant
  • Gold Plated Hamsa Charm
  • Tiny Gold Spacer beads - for patterns and for you to create your ideal bracelet size
  • High Quality Stretch Cord
  • Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions
  • Gift Bag for storing your Mala Bracelet

Half Mala Kits were born out of the desire to make it easy to take our mala & meditation practice everywhere we go in life. The 54 bead stretch bracelet is extremely wearable and versatile for wearing to work and to use in your favorite meditation spot. The stretch cord makes it easy to slip on and off the wrist, and makes it a better fit for all of us.

Use it in your meditation practice for a brief session at lunch, or take two trips around your half mala for the full 108 bead experience of traditional japa mala meditation. Made with high quality 6-7 mm gemstone beads and finished with a gemstone pendant, these half mala kits are a stylish and easy way to bring your meditation practice alive in all areas of your life!
Read on for more about these gems!
  • Smoky Quartz + Black Tourmaline are known for their connection to the Earth and the Root Chakra. These gems offer a calm, grounding, connected energy while being used, bringing light to the body from the Crown Chakra down to the Root.

  • Smoky Quartz is a Stone of Power and is useful in warding off unwanted stress + anxiety, absorbing all negativity to shift a gloomy outlook to a more sunny one.

  • Black Tourmaline can protect you from the energy of tiring soul-suckers and naysayers, those who are prone to complaining or constantly burden you with their problems. Say “B*tch, please!” to them - take back your power and stay in an uplifted headspace. 

  • Smoky Quartz + Black Tourmaline absorb + transmute electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from electric cables, our cell phones, and other electronic devices - but it won’t keep you from endlessly scrolling through Instagram🤣

  • Smoky Quartz is the national gem of Scotland and has been historically used in the weaponry and art of the Highlanders.

Finished with a gold plated Sunstone pendant, a stone to remind you of your own natural sunshine + joy. Emanating the radiance of the sun, it brings a wild joy of life + enthusiasm to its wearer.

  • Sunstone carries the energy of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra.
  • This stone promotes an environment of abundance, originality, creativity.

    Handmade with Love + Intention in Colorado

    Make It Yours

    If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really supports your intentions.

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