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Lepidolite Beads - Size 6mm-10mm - MeraKalpa Malas

Lepidolite Beads - Size 6mm-10mm

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 Lepidolite Natural Gemstone Beads for Mala Making or other jewelry projects.

 6mm Bead Size = 61pcs beads per lot
 8mm Bead Size = 47pcs beads per lot
10mm Bead Size = 38pcs beads per lot

Material: Natural Stone - Lepidolite
Shape: Round 
Outer Diameter: choose from 6mm - 10mm

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More About this Stone:

Lepidolite is a stone of healing, reducing depression and stress, releasing negativity, and soothing anxiety.

Lepidolite naturally has lithium as one of its main elements which makes it a very desired stone for soothing anxiety. Lepidolite also clears blockages in the crown chakra and supports the throat, heart, and third eye chakras.

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