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Jade & Bodhi Seed Om Mala Bracelet

This Jade and Bodhi Seed stretch bracelet is strung on stretchy cord, so its easy to wear, no clasp to mess with!

Burma Jade: the most valued version of Jade.  Jade is a stone of rich history among Chinese culture as it has been cherished for centuries as a talisman for health, wealth, and prosperity.  Jade is a stone of luck, it aligns with the heart chakra and attracts abundance & prosperity, health, well-being, and emotional balance.

Bodhi Seeds:
It was while meditating under a bodhi tree that Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the Buddha. The dark-speckled seeds from this fig tree thus have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom. Bodhi in Sanskrit means "enlightenment".

Eternal wisdom is not guaranteed, of course, but meditating—or just sitting quietly—with a bodhi-seed mala offers an opportunity for serenity because it connects you mentally, perhaps spiritually, to the Buddha. You just have to take a few minutes out of your busy day.

All Seed Of Intention pieces are Handmade with Intention in Colorado!

Make It Yours

If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really supports your intentions.

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