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Inner Wisdom Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace

Lapis Lazuli is a rare gemstone that is loved by many for its rich royal blue color and shimmery flecks of pyrite within.

Lapis Lazuli: focus, intuition, truth, wisdom, deepening the connection to your truest self.

Making your own mala is a relaxing and meaningful activity to help you connect to your intentions and it is a meditation in itself! We encourage you to try this fun and meaningful experience! We can also make this mala for you, if you would prefer.
Choose "Mala Kit" if you would like to make your own mala. Or choose "Make My Mala for Me" if you would like us to make your mala for you.

The Lapis Lazuli Mala Kit Includes:

  • 108 (+ extra) Genuine Lapis Lazuli beads - 8mm size
  • Nylon thread with Needle
  • Thai Silver Om Bead
  • Black Silk for making your tassel
  • Linen Bag for storing your Mala
  • Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

**Each mala kit is assembled through our partnership with a nonprofit in Tucson AZ who provides opportunities for people with disabilities.

Malas made to order are handmade with love in Colorado!

*The finished Mala Necklace measures about 40" around and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Make It Yours

If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really supports your intentions.

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