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Fire Within Garnet Mala - MeraKalpa Malas

Fire Within Garnet Mala

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Garnet: A stone of Passion, Fire, Creativity and Vitality. This rich deep Burgundy gemstone has been loved for centuries by many cultures for its beauty. Garnet represents the Base or Root Chakra, the center of Kundalini energy, and healthy flow of Chi (life energy). It inspires one to live a life of Passion, Creativity and Vibrance!

This Mala Necklace has 108 6mm mala beads, with hand-tied knots between each. It is finished with a Karen Hill Tribe Silver Om charm - a symbol of humanity and peace. Tiny hand poured silver beads dance on the strands behind the charm. This Mala measures about 30” around.

Handmade in Colorado with Love & Intention!
Your beautiful Mala Beads will come with a linen bag and a gift box.