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Empowerment Mala Necklace

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The Empowerment Mala, a Mala that needs no introduction, it is stunning and makes a statement all on its own! 

This Mala is part of the custom collection, Seed Of Intention.  It is made for you, and therefore, there is not a kit available for this mala or others in the Seed Of Intention Collection.  It is an original design handmade by Amanda Jaten.

This 108 Bead Mala Necklace is handmade in Colorado and features natural 6mm Kyanite, Pyrite, Shungite, and Faceted Labradorite.
It is finished with a 14Kt Gold Plated Kyanite Triangle Pendant, and a dangling Garnet. You have the option to have it made with hand-tied knots between each bead, or you can select the option with tiny gold spacer beads (as shown in the photos).

This Mala also features a Mala Counter! This cord with 3 gold beads allows you to track your practice and count each time you go around your mala when using the mala in a mediation practice.

Whenever I design a new mala, I wear it for a while to "feel" its vibe, its personality, its energy. This new Mala has almost a "moody" feels strong, bold, empowering, and clear. When you wear this Mala, it makes you want to tell everyone around "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar"! If you're looking for a beautiful mala with a deep empowering feeling to wear and/or use in your meditation practice, this is the one!

108 Beads
30" length - can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet
6mm Kyanite, Shungite, Electroplated Pyrite, Faceted Labradorite
14KT Gold Plated Kyanite Triangle Charm
Garnet accent charm
Mala Counter - gold plated beads on cord
Option to have this mala hand-knotted, or have gold spacer beads
Comes with Linen Bag for storing your Mala
Handmade with Intention in Colorado

Looking for a Mantra for your Mala?
Here's a few suggestions to inspire you!

1. My Strength is Greater Than Any Struggle
2. I Am Fearless
3. I was Made to Be Amazing

More About the Stones:

Getting You Un-Stuck! Shifting your perspective, A compass... to help you find your True North. Clears energy, Removes obstacles

PYRITE: Stone of Action, Energy, Manifesting Personal Abundance. Sheilds against negativity. Helps you set healthy boundaries.

LABRADORITE: Let Your Light Shine, and don't let anyone steal your Shine! This stone is all about being the brightest most empowered you. When you are a beaming ray of light, no one can affect you with their darkness. Labradorite helps you shine your brightest!

SHUNGITE: What is Shungite?! This is a stone that most people have never heard of... so here's a bit more info!!
Shungite is a rare black stone from Russia that dates back roughly 2 billion years. It is mostly made of carbon (the same element diamonds are made of!). In recent decades scientists discovered that Shungite not only was an amazing pure form of carbon (the mineral of life) but it also contained "fullerenes". Fullerenes are hollow carbon molecules which which act as a purifier for water and other benefits.

Fun History Fact! Peter the Great opened one of the first Russian Spas in an area where spring waters ran over the natural formations of Shungite, allowing people to bathe in and relax in the purified waters. Shungite is still used today as a water purifier. Legend also tells that Peter the Great believed so strongly in the healing and protection powers of Shungite that he also sent his army into battle with small pieces of Shungite as talismans for protection.

Shungite Uses:
Shungite is used to block EMFs (radiation from computers and cell phones). Shungite when placed in water is used as an elixir for detoxing the body, reducing inflammation, and boosting energy. Shungite can be used emotionally to balance the Root Chakra and establish feelings of purity, clarity, balance, strength. Use Shungite to purify yourself, clear unwanted thoughts, make way for a strong version of your best self.

How We Give Back

MeraKalpa Mala kits are made and shipped through our partnership with Beacon Group in Tucson, AZ.  This nonprofit provides employment opportunities for People with Disabilities. Our work together, with your support, is changing lives! 

Our pre-made Mala Beads and Mindful Jewelry Collection is made with the help of a group of Immigrant Women in Denver, CO. We use high quality gemstones and metals for our unique handmade pieces, and each item is made with love and intention.