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Clarity + Protection Mala Bracelet Kit

Half Mala Kits were born out of the desire to make it easy to take our mala & meditation practice everywhere we go in life. The 54 bead stretch bracelet is extremely wearable and versatile for wearing to work and to use in your favorite meditation spot. The stretch cord makes it easy to slip on and off the wrist, and makes it a better fit for all of us. Use it in your meditation practice for a brief session at lunch, or take two trips around your half mala for the full 108 bead experience of traditional japa mala meditation. Made with high quality 6-7 mm gemstone beads and finished with a gemstone pendant, these half mala kits are a stylish and easy way to bring your meditation practice alive in all areas of your life!

Larvikite & Rainbow Moonstone

This is a mala kit which allows only good vibes into your aura. Offering grounding and protection, this kit keeps negativity at bay and instead allows you to explore brand new possibilities with clarity, hope, and a creative mind. Become more in touch with your intuitive self, and find a connection to the deep well of wisdom found within for guidance, especially for those who find themselves walking on new pathways. Use this mala bracelet for a self-confidence boost and to find the brilliance within yourself as your mental landscape becomes a reflection of your Higher Self. No bad vibes here - this mala kit brings in the good and makes the impossible seem suddenly possible.

Larvikite offers a protective, grounding Earth energy and connects one to nature as well as one’s own inner magic. Larvikite gives you the perspective of your Higher Self, bestowing self-confidence and self-compassion, especially when it comes to intellect, creativity, and sharing wisdom. Taking its name from the Larvik Fjord region, Larvikite is the national rock of Norway, with a cool grey tone sprinkled with iridescent flashes.

  • Known as the“Worry Stone”, Larvikite banishes anxiety and cleanses negative energy from both the physical and spiritual bodies, as well as the aura.

  • Trying to let go of a limiting belief? Larvikite is a stone of transformation, and helps to create new connections and pathways in the brain for new information and beliefs. See new possibilities with clarity, as if they are already happening.

  • Larvikite also gives patience and adaptability to its wearer. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, larvikite could be the tool you need to see a project through to the end.

  • Associated with the root chakra, Larvikite is cleansing to all other chakras and the subtle body

Finished withRainbow Moonstone which may bring about flashes of inspiration. It is known to enhance creativity while providing balance and harmony to its wearer. 

  • Rainbow Moonstone has naturally occurring blue flashes which comes with a spark of insight and inspiration.

  • Also known as a stone of protection, Rainbow Moonstone strengthens one’s intuitive and psychic abilities - get to know yourself on a deeper level!

Make It Yours

If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really supports your intentions.

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