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Clarity & Connection Mala Kit
Clarity & Connection Mala Kit

Clarity & Connection Mala Kit

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Feel more clear and connected with your own Quartz Mala Necklace.  Quartz is believed to help amplify energy, create clarity of the mind, and connection to the divine. Pure, clean, white quartz is a symbol of purity, light, and represents all chakras. 

 Set your intentions with every bead you strand, every knot you tie. This Mala Kit comes with everything you need to make your own 108 Mala Bead Necklace.

Your finished Mala Beads will be a beautiful reminder of your personal goals and intentions!

This Clarity & Connection Mala Necklace Kit Includes:
- 108 (+ extra) Genuine White Quartz beads - 8mm size
- Nylon thread with Needle
- Cotton or Silk thread for making your tassel
- Tibetan Silver Guru Bead (main image shows an upgrade to a gemstone. Customize your Mala by clicking this link)
- Linen Drawstring Bag for storing your Mala
- Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

Please note regarding tassel materials:
-- Cotton is our vegan option and is best for beginners!
-- Silk is our favorite flowy option for a tassel but it does require a little more work! but it's worth it! :)