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Change Maker Mala

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A Mala Necklace for one who creates change, who seeks creative solutions and creates impact in their community.

This 108 Mala is handmade with 6mm botswana agate, authentic rudraksha seeds from India, a stunning slab of natural amethyst, and a handmade Karen Hill tribe silver Om charm.

AAA quality 6mm botswana agate
AAA quality Amethyst pendant
6mm natural rudraksha seeds from India
30" long with pendant
Hill Tribe Silver Om Charm


AMETHYST: a stone of Transformation, change, peace, tranquility, spirituality, healing. The word "amethyst" is Greek and directly translates to mean "without drunkeness". Ancient Greeks believed that if you placed an amethyst stone in a glass of wine it would keep one from drinking all the wine. The phrase "without drunkeness" means to "have a clear mind" and to change old habits that are not healthy. Amethyst is also associated with Crown Chakra and represents connection to your spiritual nature.

BOTSWANA AGATE: a stone of Creativity, imagination, seeing things from another perspective, strength. Creating a new, healthier version of yourself.

RUDRAKSHA SEEDS: considered to be the "Tears of Shiva" these seeds are respected in India as sacred and used in most traditional malas.

How We Give Back

MeraKalpa Mala kits are made and shipped through our partnership with Beacon Group in Tucson, AZ.  This nonprofit provides employment opportunities for People with Disabilities. Our work together, with your support, is changing lives! 

Our pre-made Mala Beads and Mindful Jewelry Collection is made with the help of a group of Immigrant Women in Denver, CO. We use high quality gemstones and metals for our unique handmade pieces, and each item is made with love and intention.