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Calm Waters Mala with Charm

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Find your flow... the Calm Waters Mala feels like spending the day drifting on the waves. This mala calls on the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies, which bring you to a place of inspiration of peace, allowing you to enter a flow state, where you are able to recieve all you need with grace and ease.

    • Moonstone is known as "The Dream Stone" and represents the Divine Feminine. This brings about fertility, not just for childbearing, but also fertility in ideas & inspirations - Moonstone helps to create “fertile soil” in your opportunities.
    • Aquamarine evokes water and the sea even in its name. It is a calming, soothing stone that is also useful to travelers, and gets its energy from the power of the moon.
  • Finished with a Moonstone Gemstone Pendant.

The Details:

  • Mala made for you
  • 108 beads in an original Merakalpa design (6mm size)
  • Seed beads take the place of mala knots to separate each bead
  • Measures approx. 40" around
  • Wear it as a necklace or bracelet!
  • Gift wrapping included
This beautiful mala can be worn as jewelry and also can be used to deepen your meditation practice, as you move your finger over each individual bead with your mantra.

Mala Beads (also called Prayer Beads) are traditionally used for meditation but also make beautiful jewelry and a unique gift!

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    Make It Yours.

    If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really speaks to your intentions.

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