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CALM Morse Code Mala - MeraKalpa Malas

CALM Morse Code Mala

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Morse Code was developed in the 1840's by Samuel Morse as a method of transmitting messages long distances via electronic pulses. The short pulse is called the "dot" and the long pulse is the "dash". 

This Morse Code jewelry collection is inspired by this "secret messaging through energy".
This Mala necklace hold a secret message for yourself plus they make a fun conversation piece!

In this Morse Code Mala, "Calm" is spelled out with calming stones - white howlite beads acting as the "dots" and the sandalwood beads acting as the "dashes".

Lava Stone balances out this Mala and it is finished with a Tibetan Silver Guru Bead and handmade white silk tassel.

This 108 bead Mala Necklace is made in the traditional fashion with hand-tied knots between each bead. This technique allows the mala to lay gracefully on the body when worn. It also makes meditation with the mala beads easier, as you move your finger over each individual bead with your mantra. This mala necklace measures about 40" around.

Seed Of Intention Malas are handmade in Colorado with Love and Intention.

Your Mala Necklace will come gift wrapped in a beautiful presentation box and includes a small linen bag for storing your mala.