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Divine Creation Chakra Necklace

Hello Dear One,

Do you know your own power? Do you realize how special you are? Just like an intricate snowflake, there is only one of you. The world needs you to be who you were born to be. 

You are a gift from the Universe...
You are the Universe. 
You are Divine Creation. 
This is for you...

The New Divine Creation Chakra Necklace has been a vision of mine for many years.  I have long desired to create a piece for you in which the best chakra gemstones can lie on the body in exactly the same location as their corresponding energy centers.  

Wearing chakra crystals on your body in the exact location of each chakra aligns your chakras and becomes a daily reminder for you of your radiance.

You can wear this as a sexy date night piece or you can enjoy it for yourself daily tucked under a cozy sweater.  It's totally up to you.  

I consider this to be way more than just a pretty necklace.  This chakra body jewelry is intended to bring your chakras into alignment so you can radiate a sense of well being, love, and confidence.  

With Love + Gratitude,
❤️ Amanda Jaten (designer + owner, MeraKalpa Malas)


Turquoise - throat chakra - I SPEAK MY TRUTH
Ruby - heart chakra - I OPEN MY HEART
Citrine - solar plexus chakra - I FEEL MY POWER
Moonstone - aura - I AM A DIVINE CREATION
  • gold plated adjustable chain with lobster clasp
  • 100% natural, genuine gemstones with gold plating
  • hang length 10.5" from collarbone (you can customize also)
  • handmade by yogis in Colorado
  • jewelry gift box + gemstone card included

*pre-order your necklace today. Necklaces are made to order and will begin shipping February 18.  If you would like to customize your fit, please reach out to us at amanda@merakalpa.com 

Make It Yours.

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