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Spinner Ring "Serenity"

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Spinner Ring inspired by the ancient Tibetan prayer wheels.  This Meditation Ring is handmade with 92.5 sterling silver, copper, and brass.

The Serenity Design features a Sterling Silver Band with an intricate floral pattern and 3 outer bands (silver, brass, copper) that spin on top.  This ring has a rolled edge on the top and bottom making it very comfortable to wear throughout the day.  This ring is also graduated in size from the front to back, meaning that the back of the ring is slightly more narrow, which also adds to the comfort of wearing this ring.

Spinner Rings, are also called Fidget Rings and they are a great way to take a 5 minute timeout for yourself at any time during the day to just relax, be in the moment, and breathe.

Spinning the ring in a repetitive motion encourages a peaceful state of mind and helps relieve anxiety and stress. 

We recommend that you order 1 size up from your regular ring size due to the nature of spinner rings.  Spinner Rings can be worn on any finger!  

Available in Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9