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Focus & Intention Mala Kit

Find your focus with a Sodalite Mala Necklace.

  • Your Mala Kit will come with everything you need to make your own 108 Mala Necklace.
  • Your finished Mala bead necklace will be a beautiful reminder of your personal goals and intentions!
  • Focus your practice on connecting to your own self-expression, intuition, and understanding with beautiful Mala beads.

Sodalite is known as "The Poet's Stone" due to its connections with the Throat Chakra for self-expression
It’s also connected to the Third Eye Chakra for intuition and understanding. Sodalite is a good study aid, helping one maintain focus when thoughts are scattered as well as being a wonderful tool for meditation, to quiet the mental chatter.

Untie your mind, knot your intention. Set your intentions with every bead you strand, every knot you tie.

The Focus & Intention Mala Kit Includes:

  • 108 (+ extra) Genuine Sodalite beads - 8mm size
  • Nylon thread with Needle
  • Your Choice of Cotton or Silk for making your tassel
  • Tibetan Silver Guru Bead or Gemstone Guru Bead
  • Linen Bag for storing your Mala
  • Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

Please note regarding tassel materials:

  • Cotton is our vegan option and is best for beginners!
  • Silk is our favorite flowy option for a tassel but it does require a little more work! but it's worth it! :)

Want to customize your Mala more? Great! Follow this link for more tassel colors, charms, guru beads, etc!

Make It Yours

If you're ordering a Mala Kit today, be sure to check out ways to customize your mala! Add a charm, upgrade to a gemstone guru bead... build a mala that really supports your intentions.

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