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TRUTH Morse Code Bracelet - DIY Mala Bracelet Kit

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The DIY Morse Code jewelry collection is inspired by this "secret messaging through energy". These mala bracelets hold a secret message for yourself plus they make a fun conversation piece!

In this Morse Code bracelet Kit, "TRUTH" is spelled out with beautiful, all natural gemstones which are believed to support communication, truth, and flow.

Amazonite beads act as the "dots"
Sandalwood beads act as the "dashes"
Tiny carved silver beads act as the "spaces"
Beads measure 6mm
Calming White Howlite balances out the rest of this bracelet design.

DIY Kits come with all supplies needed and a link to a video tutorial!

This listing shows recommended combinations for the "TRUTH" Morse Code Bracelet. It looks beautiful paired with the White Howlite, and Sandalwood bracelets. The 5th photo in this listing shows the collection of all 4 Morse Code Bracelets (in order from left to right: CALM, FOCUS, LOVE, TRUTH). You can purchase all Morse Code bracelets in this listing or visit the listings for each Morse Code Bracelet for details and photos of each bracelet and recommended sets.

Bracelet Kits come in a linen drawstring bag making it a lovely gift for a friend or loved one!