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Happy Monday! 

Amanda here from MeraKalpa Malas.  Let’s talk about manifesting!  Do you feel like you’re a natural at manifesting? Does it seem outside of your reach?  I’d like to share a personal story with you from my weekend about manifesting... I hope it gives you some inspiration for manifesting something you desire this week!

Last week was a tough week for me.  I was feeling overwhelmed and by Friday afternoon I pretty much couldn’t handle anymore. I had to turn it off, I had to go through some emotions, cry, sleep, and stop pushing myself.  I am sharing this with you, because what happened afterwords is the best part! 

After I let myself detox from the stress and get rid of the negative self-talk and the things that no longer serve me, I was clear. I was clear to manifest. The next day I created a new line of Fall Inspired bracelets (which you will see very soon!) And I started visualizing the imagery for my brand.

Specifically, I envisioned a photo of a woman wearing a yellow knit sweater. I was very clear on the sweater specifically! It was a color I wanted to incorporate. It really felt #sweaterweather 😍 I couldn't find any photos of a woman in a yellow knit sweater though!  The next day after a quick hike with my family we went to a coffee shop. We sat down and I looked to my right and saw this beautiful woman wearing the exact yellow knit sweater I had imagined! I had literally manifested meeting her 😍

You can imagine it might be odd to ask a stranger to take a photo of them....But after we chatted for a while, she welcomed the invitation. Mel is her name, she works for Southwest as a flight attendant and she has the biggest, most cheerful smile! Here you go my friends, #SweaterWeather 

The moral of the story is, if last week was a rough week for you, you are not the only one. Maybe something was in the air.  Maybe it’s a shift in the seasons.  Whatever it is, a lot of people have been feeling “yuck” and overwhelmed and stressed.  It’s not just you!

What you need to do now is to let that shit go! Cry it out, run it out, shout it out, sleep it off, whatever you do to detox, do it! Once you do, you will be clear.

When you are CLEAR you can visualize and bring into your life exactly what you are looking for!  Start by practicing on small things like this. Capturing a woman in a yellow sweater isn’t exactly going to meet my business goals, but it’s honing my skills and validating that I am the creator of my world.  

How did you feel last week? How are you feeling now? 

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